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Cryin' for the Dyin'

I will give you this input...In countries where drugs...like marijuana are not made 'illegal' so that they can be made expensive...people do not lose years of life...behind a lie...They should have decriminlized  substance use years ago...It is cheaper and smarter to treat...One of the first human or even mammalian responses is denial...take a person who believes something...but is having a problem supporting their belief or habit...and oppress them...one gives them resolve...send them to prison they have a Phd in crime...or at least a master's...Every time something stupid in this area is done...organized crime and the liquor lobby whoop it up...This is one of those days where I have had it with exploitive nonsense...If you want to make things easier on disadvantaged...or smarter for stupid...or cheaper for government...More power to you...I know whereof I speak...I have nothing to do with government or law enforcement...except to investigate grass roots corruption...no pun intended...Oh, and lawyers and defendents?...One time I helped a friend Per Se...the lawers...after I won the case...came after me like a posse...One of them violated USC by threatening me...'after a civil case'...I just looked at him...and he trailed off on his statement about how he had been a judge 'Pro Tem' and if he was on the bench he would have...Try medical facilties...Unknowing ignorant...just mean people...it is very hard...I worked with James R. White, esq. for LEMAR in the 60's.   White was a colorful character.  I think you can find information on him...Calif. bar., S.F.  A lot of court appointed and pro bono stuff.  I can give you other good attorneys, of a different ilk.  They made a lot of money.  That is okay, if they win...Peace Tony


[this is good] I'll admit, not being part of the judicial system, I don't know much about this. But I do think programs like this are so important. I hope your client can make the most of the opportunity he's been given!


I don't quite understood what you meant Jenny, sorry. I think they are important even though you don't think


I only meant that while I don't know much about the specifics of such programs (not being a lawyer or part of the criminal justice system myself), I absolutely think they are important. I believe in giving first-time offenders a chance to redeem themselves.

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