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I came to say that I like long posts.  But then you said this one would be brief.  This is brief?  Okay, I guess I like briefer ones.  This was about right to be able to read (and process, rather than skim) during a laptop drive-by and before the toddler could find trouble. 


I guess it is still long compared to FAU


[this is good] I want 350 words or LESS on Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts by Sunday morning!!!

Your getting close AYD, this was only 525. But don't beat yourself up, even I need long prose sometimes. For true brevity you want A Mistake.  


I'm gonna pass on that one.  Too technical to be interesting I think.


BUt what about the "real world" implications and the fact that it is one more way the SCOTUS shows that is collectively does not understand the criminal justice system (a point Kennedy made in the decent). AND there is the angle that this ruling will give people in your area of focus another negotiation tool with the DA.

Come on, I am practically writing this for you.


Yeah, but I am not sure how I feel about it.  Plus, the parties can always consent.  THis is pretty much the rule with a low of techical experts.  If there is area for disagreement, they testify, if not, the evidence goes in uncontested and no need to testify.

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